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Andis T-Outliner Hair Trimmer
Features T-blade design, ideal for trimming around ears, beard, and moustache. Very quiet running. Hair Trimmer Review:
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Conair Gold LINEZ Rechargeable Hair Trimmer
Conair Gold LINEZ rechargeable beard and mustache trimmer with turbo setting provides 15% more power.
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Cricket Micro Hair Trimmer
The Micro Hair Trimmer for both men and women is the perfect way to remove unwanted hair quickly and easily.
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Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer
World's best personal grooming device that removes unwanted hair from nose quickly, safely and conveniently.  Ratings for Hair Trimmers :
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Personna El Perfilador Eyebrow Shaper
A faster, painless way to shape your eyebrow. Also great for grooming excess hair from face, neck, arms and bikini area.  Electric Hair Trimmer Reviews:
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WAHL Peanut Hair Trimmer
All the power of a full-size clipper, the Peanut is both small and lightweight at only 4 inches long and 4 ounces in weight. Now available in both a classic design (as shown directly above) and the new fun peanut shapped design. Hair Trimmer Rating:
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ConairPro Plimatic Cord / Cordless Hair Trimmer
This professional cord/cordless commercial hair clipper trimmer is perfect for neckline, hairline, sideburns, beards, mustaches and eyebrows. Cordless hair clipper. Ceramic no. Try instead of Chi cordless hair clipper. 
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ConairPro Plimatic Mini Hair Trimmer
This mini trimmer features 30mm snap-on stainless steel blade. Compact size for maximum trimming versatility.  
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ConairPro Plimatic Shaping & Outlining Hair Trimmer
Ideal for dry shaving, edging around ears, outlining hairlines and necklines. Perfect for trimming around beards, moustaches, and sideburns.  Electric Hair Trimmer Reviews:
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Epilady Lady Bikini Hair Trimmer
This innovative hair trimmer offers you several trimming options for the bikini line and intimate areas. Its simple, skin-friendly and hygienic trimming action allows you to modify hair length or completely remove unwanted hair safely and easily. 
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Panasonic Bikini Shaper & Hair Trimmer
Unlike other trimmers, Panasonic Bikini Shaper allows for complete grooming of the bikini area. Eliminates excess hair that grows outside the lines of lingerie and swimwear without causing the irritation of razor bumps.  Electric Hair Trimmer Reviews:
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Panasonic Cosmetic Groomer
Carry this discreet groomer in even the smallest makeup bag - this product features a carefully protected hypoallergenic surgical steel blade to safely remove embarrassing hair on a woman's face and neck without the damage, irritation, or pain.  Electric Hair Trimmer Reviews:
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Panasonic Eyebrow Shaper
Grooming the eyebrows has never been easier or less painful - you choose the shape and length appropriate for your face and match it to one of three shaping attachments. Or, use without attachments as an eyebrow shaper. Thickener separate.  Electric Hair Trimmer Reviews:
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WAHL Swivel Cord / Cordless Hair Trimmer
This cord/cordless trimmer features super-versatile rotating head for ultimate comfort and multiple trimming angles.  Electric Hair Trimmer Reviews:
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