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32 inch synthetic hair extensionsHair extensions is a process when you fuse, lock, weave, braid or bond synthetic hair, animal hair, or human hair to your own natural hair.

Hair extensions are in growing demand, in large part due to celebrities who have used them for many years to improve the glamour look.

Getting hair extensions is not something to jump into without research. A well trained stylist can apply them correctly so that the process is painless and does not damage your hair. Figure on spending 4 to 7 hours for the application.

The main reason for getting hair extensions is to add length to your hair style, although they can be used to thicken your hair or even add highlights. Hair Extensions:

  • Natural dreadlock extensions / black hair
  • Blond dreadlock hair extensions
  • Prom hairstyles with hair extensions

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Longer hair is now available through hair extensions even if you have short hair now. Celebrities have been wearing hair extensions for years. Applying hair extensions requires a trained hair tylist who knows about weaving extensions into hair. Experienced hair stylists who apply hair weaves are paid $1500 to $2500 for a complete set of fusion or bonding human hair extensions. Maintaining hair extensions differs from care of natural hair so be prepared to spend more time on them.

 Removing Hair Extensions is Not Funny

Hair Extensions Black Curly HairTypes of Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair is not as popular a type of extension because the hair piece appears fake. Most often synthetic hair extensions are seen in dreadlocks.

You can achieve a very natural and beautiful appearing hair style with sewn in weaves. Your hair looks thicker and lengthier. A trained hair stylist can match your natural hair color with the hair extensions.

Techniques for Applying Hair Weaves

Strands and wefts. Using strands, the hair stylist applies human hair or synthetic har to areas of your natural hair. Hair strands are woven in and then, fusing, gluing, or clipping the extensions.

Weft hair extensions are held through a tiny threads like a net and are attached by sewing them into a tiny braid made out of your own hair. The look is quite natural and can look seamless. No one usually sees the braids or wefts.

Micro-weaving places small tracks of hair in rows. Then the hair stylist weaves threads in a lock stitch pattern. Tracks of hair are woven near the scalp to provide support. Tiny weaving thread is used to weave in the hair extensions. But choose your stylist carefully; incorrectly applied hair extensions can damage your scalp.

Tube technique joins the hair using small clip on tubes. Hair extensions and your natural hair are grouped in sections and then pulled through the tube to be sealed.

  • Wedding hair styles with extensions
  • Hair extensions for short hair
  • Dreadlock extensions for black hair
  • Afro American hair weaves


Clip On Hair ExtensionsHair Extensions Adhesives

Glue or adhesive can be either keratin or wax based. Keratin glues are thicker. Wax adhesives are generally better for your hair. Wax hair extensions last up to 3 months. Keratin glue extensions are good for up to 6 months. A temporary glueing method is known as cold bonding and uses rubber adhesive extensions which make fast and easy hair weaves - like when you are in a hurry.

The fusion method uses heat to bond strands of hair add ons. A heating tool melts the glue which hardens and forms the adhesion. Fusion bonds are removed using a thermal heating tool. Thermal bonding glues are favored by hair stylists because the glue holds up well during shampooing and conditioning.

Hair weaves are low maintenance. Three to five months is about the duration for braid techniques for hair weave hair extensions. Be safe and get hair extensions by trained hair dressers only.

Clip on hair extensions attach to your natural hair right away. Clip on hairpieces simple and give you instant hair. see Jessica Simpson clip on hair extensions best price.

Cons of Hair Extensions

  • Hair extensions or hair weaves are expensive.
  • With some hair extensions, you may not be able to change your hair color for a long time.
  • Improperly applied hair extensions can cause scalp damage.
  • Cleaning the scalp is harder with hair extensions.