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The Best Hair Clippers and Hair Trimmers
Hair Clippers by Wahl, Oster, Andis and Conair

Oster Hair Clippers

Oster Hair Clippers

Oster hair clippers (model 76076-010) or 76 is the most popular among professional hair clippers today.It's compact, heavy-duty motor delivers maximum power for cutting through thick, thin, or coarse wet, damp or dry hair. Oster hair clippers provides a detachable Cryogen-X blade system allowing for fast blade changes. Quiet and cool operating. Professional Hair Clippers Rating:

Oster Hair Clippers Customer Review "I cut my wife's hair everyother week, she preferrs a short buzz cut. The Oster hair clippers 76 allows for quick and smooth cutting.It is versital enough to cut the crown hair and then shave the neck without changing clippers. Just change the blades (very easy) and continue to cut. Have given first time buzz cuts and the clipper handles the thick hair with ease. All barbers I talk to also prefer the Oster hair clippers 76." ~ Jim H from Indiana

Andis Clippers Hair Trimmers 14 Piece Set

Andis Clippers - Andis 14-Piece Home Hair Cutting Kit with Hair Clippers

Andis hair clippers: 6 combs are made for easy use, long life and professional hair cutting results. The Andis trimmer saves you money, and provides convenient hairstyling at home for the whole family. The Andis Clippers 14 Piece set includes: magnetic adjustable blade hair clipper, six attachment combs, barbers comb, stainless steel shears, neck cape, blade cleaning brush, lubricating blade oil, protective blade guard, and step-by-step instructions for using the Andis clipper set. Andis Trimmer Review:

Andis Clippers Reviews:
"I just purchased the Andis clippers set for my fiance and so far we've had no problems with it. It comes with a lot of different lengths so you should be able to find the perfect length. I like that it comes with cleaning supplies and a nice, black zip-up bag to put everything in. One thing to note is that the Andis trimmer really vibrates a lot when its on, but it gives good results and is worth it for the price." ~ Tamara Bercht, Vancouver, Canada writng about her Andis trimmers

"The Andis clippers is the perfect tool to groom that scruffy look. I can set the blade to course and don't even have to use the attachments to get that perfect look. And... no more changing batteries after every other use. I love it." ~ Tom from Oklahoma reviewing his Andis clippers

Andis Clippers, Lola Hair Trimmer

Andis Clippers - Lola Hair Clippers / Hair Trimmer

Andis Clippers: Lola Trimmer Model delivers top performance in a convenient size package. Lola clippers are designed to create attractive haircuts and touch-ups. This Andis trimmer is powerful enough to clip, small enough to trim. The Lola model Andis clippers is also lightweight - only four ounces. Detachable stainless-steel blades for easy cleaning.

Conair Trimmers Set for Producitn Hairstyles for Ethnic Hair

Conair Trimmers: Gold LINEZ Deluxe Ethnic Hair Clipper Kit

This deluxe Conair clippers / ethnic grooming kit is designed for those with thicker, coarser hair. The Conair trimmer set is especially designed blade coated with titanium allows the ethnic user to get a clean even cut for the head and face. Produce great looking hairstyles for ethnic hair. The Conair clippers set comes with a high powered DC motor in the clipper that delivers 50 percent more hair cutting power than a conventional magnetic motor.

Conair Kid Hair Clippers 10 Piece Haircutting Kit

When it's time to cut your young childs hair nothing works better than Conair's Kids hair clipper kits. A ultra quiet motor helps keep your child calm during the haircut. 

Wahl Hair Clippers Set

Wahl Clippers: Multi-Cut Basic Hair Clipper Haircut Kit

Wahl Hair Clippers: Wahl Trimmer Haircut Kit - 7 piece multi-cut hair clipper set with 2 attachments & scissors. The Wahl clippers set has a thumb lever that changes to the taper and texture of the haircut. This Wahl clippers set includes: Wahl trimmer with adjustable precision cutting blades, two attachment combs, barbers comb, oil, cleaning brush, blade guard, instructions and one-year limited warranty.  Wahl Hair Clippers Ratings:

Wahl Electric Hair Clippers Reviews
"The Wahl trimmers is a top of line product, and this buyer is impressed. not just with low price which is awesome, and very happy with, the communication and fast shipping sure make this a top of line product." ~ Janet Pettersen from Colorado Springs, CO

"Owned my first Wahl clippers for twenty years, it finally gave out. Bought my new wahl trimmers (same model) and I am very pleased with the outcome of my haircuts. My new Wahl clippers cut exceptionally well. I would recommend this product package to everyone whose interested." ~ Lawrence Cox from Carlyle, IL

WAHL Clippers: Peanut Electric Hair Clippers / Hair Trimmer

All the power of full-size Wahl hair clippers, the Peanut Wahl trimmer is both small and lightweight at only 4 inches long and 4 ounces in weight. The Peanut Wahl clipper is available in both a classic design and the new fun peanut shapped design. Hair Clipper Rating:

Wahl Electric Hair Clippers Reviews
"This little Wahl clipper is the BEST hair trimmer I have EVER used. I use it for trimming my hair on my head, neck, sideburns, some body hair, but mainly my beard-any I have a super thick beard and nothing has been able to chop through it like the Wahl peanut trimmer. Whenever I would go in to get my hair cut I would see all of these at each person's booth, and I now know why...cuz it works amazing. It may cost a little more than the cheesy ones you find in your average store, but you definitely get what you pay for. The Wahl clippers is POWERFUL, STURDY, and gets the job done." ~ P. Bunyan

Hair Clippers