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Who Makes the Best Flat Iron?

Here are the three top rated hair straighteners

Compare prices and read more reviews of who makes the best flat irons like CHI, Solia, Sedu and other hair straighteners.

Sedu Flat Iron: Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Straightener (1 1/2")
Advanced technology and superior quality have made Sedu hair straighteners a must have for salon professionals and preferred by top hair stylistís worldwide. What is the best ceramic flat iron on the market? Sedu flat irons were created by hair artists and professional hair designers to straighten and smooth the hair like no other flat iron had before.
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Best Rated Flat Iron Reviews: Reveiw: "I'll try not to bore you with a long, drawn out review (although I'd like to) of this product. The Sedu flat iron is incredible. I won't lie and say it's a miracle to my hair but I am very glad I purchased it. It makes my hair silky smooth, stick straight (it even stays straight after sleeping on it) and it does it very quickly. I glide (yes, glide) the Sedu flat iron over each section of hair 1-2 times max. and it's straight. It normally takes me almost an hour to do my hair with the Remington Wet2Straight but with the Sedu is only takes me about 20-25 minutes. It doesn't ever snag my hair either. Overall I think it is a great product and I would highly recommend it to anyone with thick, unruly hair." ~ Kiki from Florida writing about who makes the best flat iron.

Solia Flat Iron - Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Hair Straightener (1-1/4 inch wide flat iron)
The Solia ceramic flat iron ion provides a Dynamic Alignment System to ensure great contact between your hair and the flat iron plates. Delivers even heat distribution for silky straight Solia hair styling. Which ceramic flat iron is the best? Solia ceramic hair straightener is the number two best rated flat iron.
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Best Flat Iron Rating: Review: "I used to use a revlon straight iron, it ended up shorting out or something but catches fire inside if i turn it on now. i got my solia iron almost 2 years ago and its my best friend now! the first time i used it i was shocked at the results, it was amazing! i can make my hair pin straight, curl the ends, or get the perfect "celeb. curls." ~ Jessica from Kansas City reviews what is the best ceramic flat iron on the market.


CHI Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightner- Ceramic Original Model
The CHI 1 inch flat iron is one of the top selling hair straightners because it's one of the best rated flat iron straightners. The Chi ceramic flat iron comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty. Ceramic plates and coils provide moist heat. Ceramic heating plates maintain even temperature all the time.
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Best Rated Flat Iron Reviews: Review: "I love this Chi flat iron hair straightner! It works the best on my thick curly hair. It works fast and has the perfect heat setting, people have said they have problems. If mine were to break I would def have to buy another one. It makes my hair so flat, straight, and very smooth. I love to run my hands through it. Look at these pictures. TOTAL difference! " ~ Amanda writing which ceramic flat iron is the best.

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